Advanced SEO Services Birmingham

In business, few other online marketing techniques have a more powerful relation to the bottom line in the modern age than search engine optimisation (SEO).

Our team at Lift Off Media are Google qualified SEO specialists in Birmingham with a proven track record that benefits our clients with over 17 years’ experience in designing and implementing effective SEO strategies and campaigns.

We envision ourselves as partners to our clients, aligning with their business objectives before delivering SEO plans that are a direct response to their challenges and priorities.

We deliver specialist SEO services in Birmingham, achieving exceptional results, all documented in monthly reports so you can see the results from month to month.

Content is King

Content marketing has become a key tool in the daily battle to engage audiences, grow potential and existing customer bases, and drive footfall. Lift Off Media is an SEO company in Birmingham providing local clients with advanced SEO solutions. We have a wide range of strategies to improve SEO through content which can also provide some fantastic public relations to boost your business online. This includes link development campaigns that can see your organisation in the news, on respected media platforms for B2B and consumer audiences.

Identify and Remove SEO Threats

We are adept at identifying threats to ongoing campaigns and dealing with them. Many SEO campaigns begin with a set path to success but the presence of competitor activity and the sometimes-unpredictable Google algorithm can side track them. We put methods in place to find obstacles and remove them.

Technical SEO Knowledge

A big part of effective SEO is making sure your on-page attributes tick all the boxes. Our SEO services include a thorough assessment of your online home to ensure it is as SEO friendly as possible, and we can act as consultants during the design stage of new sites, working to improve their SEO value.

SEO Features

Advanced SEO Reports

Starting with a dynamic SEO assessment, we gather invaluable, in-depth information to detail the properties calculating your SEO.

Keyword Research

During The SEO campaign, keywords are thoroughly researched to establish which search phrases offer the greatest ROI.

Competitor Analysis

Don't know why your competitors are ranking higher than you in the search engines? Find out why with an in-depth SEO review and report.

Backlink Building

To develop a trust rating for your website, building backlinks that point to your website is the most effective SEO ranking influence.

Traffic Statistics

The SEO report displays traffic statistics equated against expected search volumes for your keywords to track your SEO performance.

HTML Meta Data

SEO starts with onsite optimisation and markup. Specifying information to Google using meta tags and data structure is essential.

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Our monthly SEO services includes advanced reporting, monitoring and tracking which provides you with the ability to check and monitor our work. We do this so we can prove the SEO results that we achieve. if you would like to try us please don't hesitate to request a free SEO report. Alternatively, if you would like any further information or you would like to see some of our most recent SEO achievements, please call us anytime and don't forget to visit our SEO Portfolio. and check Google rank positions by clicking on the keywords.