Google Shopping Advertising

Google Shopping provides store owners to advertise live products through the Pay Per Click Display Network of Google AdWords to present users searching your products at that very moment. Google Shopping Ads display alongside search results so they are displayed at the exact time a user’s is actively searching for that product.

As Google Shopping also known as Product Listing Ads is part of Google AdWords, it is a complex and competitive advertising method that requires in-depth knowledge to run a successful campaign. Here at Lift Off Media, we have a fantastic team of AdWords specialists, completely focused and driven towards return on investment. We know the ins and outs of the Pay Per Click Strategy as specialise in maximising click through rates whilst keeping cost per click low.

Google Product Listing Ads

Although these platforms are outstanding, they come with a large learning curve which will takes a lot of time and commitment without prior knowledge of how they work. That’s why we offer training packages on each of these Google applications. We will train you from the ground up so you can manage your marketing and advertising campaigns efficiently and effectively, and if you’re looking to master them, we prepare and assist clients in globally recognised certifications such as the Google Certified Professional award.

Discuss your goals with us

If you run an online store and feel you would befit from a successful product listing campaign, why not give our pay per click team a call. They will assist you on the best practises and can advise on the most efficient advertising methods to suit your budget and goals.