Lahoy Website Design and Development

Lahoy is the best kept secret in high quality male grooming. It was founded in 2014 by a real life British royal naval submariner, lahoy is one of the world's most influential, innovative and luxurious male grooming brands for the modern gentleman. You can think of lahoy's range as the Rolex of the male grooming industry.

Project Requirements

Lahoy is an outstanding company that prides themselves on excellence. Therefore, there main requirement for the website design was a pixel perfect, professional and exclusive design. Lahoy asked if we could design the website entirely around the brand, focusing hard on the product quality and professionalism of the company. Following the look and feel of the website, they required the website to be extremely fast, with minimal code bloat and extensions. The cart, customer accounts, backend system for order processing etc all had to be bespoke code, written from scratch.

What We Did

Our Designers got straight to work on the website design, proving mockups and theme ideas focused on entirely on the brand. The designers worked hard on the feel of the site and come up with the final design which the client (Lahoy) were happy with.

The Developers built a completely bespoke content management system for Lahoy to process their orders, manage the sites entire SEO, run marketing and email campaigns from data capture and control stock levels. Next, they moved onto the front end of the website, once again, completely bespoke programming focusing on minimum code and page load speed. The developers achieved a beautiful website design, with an extremely fast, exclusive management system to self manage the website with ease.