(PPC) Pay Per Click Display Network Advertising Scarborough

Google state that the Display Network reaches more than 90% of the internet’s users stretching across over 2 million websites.

Pay Per Click Display advertising is a more advanced method of PPC and comes in a variation of multimedia presentations such as banner graphics, audio advertising and video marketing throughout a huge network of popular websites and additional media platforms such as YouTube and other opted in AdSense customers. The Display Network is commonly used in conjunction with the Search network to maximise visibility and work together to achieve the best possible results.

We now offer a fantastic Pay Per Click Display Advertising Package that consists of the popular Remarketing strategy, in-app adverts, managed placements, geographical targeting and product listing ads know as PLA’s.

What is Remarketing and Product Listing?

Remarketing and Product Listing are two popular Pay Per Click Methods that maximise visibility in two completely different ways. Firstly, remarketing is designed to follow users around the web displaying ads to them as they visit other websites as a reminder call to action. This works well as the user that is followed is only followed because they have shown interest in your adverts before so remarketing will act as a reminder advert even when they have left your website. Next, the Product Listing method is powered by google shopping and displays your actual products on your website as display adverts all over the web. The ads contain the price, description image and more and can be used in remarketing.

Choose Lift Off Media for your Campaigns

Lift Off Media are market leading specialists in Pay Per Click Display Marketing and work with large clients all over the UK to maximise results and return on investment. If you would like to discuss the PPC Display Network in further detail, please don t hesitate to contact us today.